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Although it may seem similar, sworn translation and legal translation are not interchangeable concepts, although a translation can be both legal and sworn. A sworn translation covers more than just legal subjects, in fact it can be used in almost any field. We also often find when providing services to our clients is that, in their desire to ensure the quality of their projects, they systematically ask for sworn translations when, in most cases, this is unnecessary, as an ordinary specialised translation is more than adequate. In Ubiqus Spain, each and every one of our projects meets the most demanding quality standards, regardless of whether a translation is sworn or an ordinary specialised translation.

What really distinguishes a sworn translation is its official status, i.e. its certification as an accurate and truthful translation of an original text, which is legally valid as it has been produced by a sworn translator approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate official documents. Ubiqus Spain has several in-house sworn translators, allowing us to minimise timeframes and ensure quality

  • Contracts, deeds, powers of attorney or bylaws originally written in a foreign language or that need to be submitted in other countries, e.g. as part of a public tender.

  • Court documents for incidents committed abroad or for trials taking place in other countries.
  • Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth or death certificates.
  • Annual accounts, minutes, certificates of board meetings and business meetings
  • Validation of university degrees, academic records or other university documents.

by our experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of sworn translation. We have successfully participated in many high-level international legal and judicial proceedings that have required the submission of sworn translations.

We minimise

Our company has several in-house sworn translators. This allows us to minimise delivery times and adapt to the pace of our clients’ business.

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