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Simultaneous interpreters transfer the spoken word to another language, instantly. They interpret what the speaker says as they are saying it, allowing multilingual conferences to be as fluid and fast as if a single language was spoken. Simultaneous interpreters, also called conference interpreters, are bilingual by definition and spend years in training to meet the standards we require at Ubiqus Spain.

For each language combination (or pair), there are two interpreters working together in a booth, listening to the speech through the headphones and speaking simultaneously through a microphone. Attendees listen to the interpretation through receivers tuned into the channel corresponding to their language.

Ubiqus Spain provides its clients with complete sound equipment, which allow the simultaneous interpreting service to be undertaken seamlessly. We offer you the technical solution – depending on the size of the event room and the number of speakers and attendees – so that all guests at the event can participate freely whenever they wish. Our technicians will be physically present during the meeting to provide the necessary assistance, leaving you to focus on the content, without worrying about the technical organisation.

Simultaneous interpreting is the ideal technique in the following cases: multilingual conferences, presentations to a large audience, television broadcasts, etc. It is the best way to ensure that speakers of different languages can be understood and participate effortlessly. Professional interpreting is almost invisible; indeed, the mark of good interpreting is to go unnoticed.

Simultaneous interpreting requires special technical equipment and expertise in its set up and operation. This type of interpreting requires incredibly high levels of skill and training by interpreters, as well as flawless project management to coordinate the different elements. At Ubiqus Spain we combine the right skills and technology to go above and beyond your expectations. Our added value is to bring experience by combining the right skills and technology to deliver efficient and accurate service.

Simultaneous interpreting includes variations such as video remote interpreting (VRI) and telephone interpreting.

  • Multilingual conferences.

  • Presentations to a large audience.
  • Television broadcasts.
  • Congresses, symposiums, workshops and seminars.


At Ubiqus Spain we use experienced professional interpreters only. The quality of your event is at stake, so leave it to the professionals.


Ubiqus Spain offers you a joined-up solution for your interpreting requirements. Tell us your case and we’ll tell you what kind of interpreting you need and any other technical requirements. This pre-consultation is critical to ensuring your event is successful.

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