Neural Machine Translation

The neuronal machine translation or Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a technology based on artificial neural networks.  It has made considerable progress in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence and can now serve as a basis for some professional translations.

Neural automatic translation translates millions of words in real time with precision and reliability that is now close to that of a human being.

Why Ubiqus NMT Translation?

The machine, like the human brain, is now able to render a reliable translation but also to learn a language, and thus constantly improve the quality of the translated elements. To increase the performance of the “machine”, the latter is driven by the man. In concrete terms, this amounts to feeding the machine with a very large volume of quality data (words, sentence segments and texts already translated) in order to improve the reliability and fineness of the results.

A “machine” can also be trained to meet the specific needs of a sector (legal translation, medical translation, etc.) or for the job of a client, with a specific business vocabulary.