Expert in interpreting

Our interpreting services guarantee success. We know how important the events you organise are to you, whether it’s a talk, a conference, a seminar, or a business meeting. Interpreting is the service that allows communication to flow between speakers and the target audience. This service really should be delivered by professionals, as a misinterpretation could seriously harm your company’s image and reputation. Choose Ubiqus Spain for your events. We only work with expert professionals.

In addition to the actual service, we’ll give you advice on what kind of interpreting you need before we give you a quote. You tell us your needs and we will resolve them.

We provide two kinds of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    This is undertaken with special technical resources and equipment. While the speaker is talking, the interpreter, from a booth, follows the intervention through headphones and translates simultaneously through a microphone; the audience hears the intervention translated into their language on their individual headphones.

  • Consecutive interpreting

    This involves reproducing a speaker's intervention afterwards. The interpreter takes notes during the intervention and then takes the floor, in turn, to translate the intervention back to the audience in their language.


We give our clients the attention and time required to be able to understand their needs and deliver the solution required in each case. Adapting ourselves to their way of working, we become part of their team. Their success is our success.

Our clients' satisfaction is our main goal and what has enabled us to have devoted over 30 years solving the challenges faced in the field of translation and multilingual document management.


Ubiqus Spain is well-connected to be able to provide leading-edge equipment to meet the most demanding interpreting needs. Forget about sourcing multiple providers for the same event, we have joined-up solutions that will allow you to meet your linguistic and technical needs at the same time.

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