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In the field of technical documents, terminology is particularly important. In addition to a flawless command of the source language, knowledge of the relevant scientific field and its terminology is also necessary, and this can only be provided by a translator who is an expert in the field. Poor understanding of this terminology leads to a confusing and unreliable translation.

What's a “Christmas tree” in the field of oil drilling? What are the “harmonics” of the alternating current? What is “live working”? What's the right translation of “coil” in an aircon system? What about in the ignition system of a moped? Is a “fan coil” the same as a “turbofan”?

Technology is a minefield for non-specialist translators. This is why Ubiqus Spain uses specialist teams for each technical area and the right software so the lexicology and turns of phrase corresponding to each field are consistent. A clearly written instruction manual that is a faithful representation of the original is an essential part of any machine. We would be delighted to help you with your technical documents.

En Ubiqus Spain contamos con un formidable equipo de traductores tecnológicos que, a su capacidad lingüística, unen los conocimientos propios del sector técnico y la ingeniería.

  • Manuals: instructions for use, technical support and installation.

  • Quality procedures and documentation.
  • Datasheets for scientific products, machinery or articles.
  • Technical bids and tenders.
  • Patents.

to detail

We are aware of the importance of details and accuracy when translating scientific and engineering documents. Thanks to our leading-edge software, we ensure maximum consistency in your technical translations, with the utmost attention to detail.

at your service

A good translation depends on a good understanding. Ubiqus Spain operates a network of experienced engineers and partners with other technical qualifications who undertake regular training. Don’t leave the translation of your technical documentation to just anyone. Choose Ubiqus Spain.

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