Experts in consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreters wait for the speaker to pause before interpreting. The interpreter takes notes so they do not depend solely on their memory and then speaks for several minutes at a time. Consecutive interpreters are bilingual by definition and spend years in training to meet the standards we require at Ubiqus Spain.

From a technical point of view, consecutive interpreting is easy to arrange. It does not require the use of special equipment, booths, headphones or microphones, making it much easier to set up. Consecutive interpreting, however, is much more complex than simultaneous interpreting and is typically used at very high-level meetings where particularly sensitive topics are addressed, requiring spot-on accuracy and nuance.

Consecutive interpreters are suitable for cases where only two languages are used. If your meeting involves the use of multiple languages, consecutive interpreting may not be the most appropriate technique, in these cases it is best to opt for simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is ideal for conferences, interviews or meetings where only two different languages are used. At Ubiqus Spain we combine the right skills and technology to go above and beyond your expectations.

  • Conference calls.

  • Trials.
  • Interviews.
  • Bilateral meetings.
  • High-level political or trade union negotiations.


Versatility is often what you need when arranging an event. Ubiqus Spain guarantees this. Call us to find out about the various service packages on offer so your event has the outcome you are looking for. Don’t worry about language combinations, we have the support of the Ubiqus Group and its international presence to provide what you need.


At Ubiqus Spain we use experienced professional interpreters only. The quality of your event is at stake, so leave it to the professionals. Our interpreters are experts in your industry. Their participation could be what makes a difference to your event. Don’t think twice, choose Ubiqus Spain.

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