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The Ubiqus Group is a global leader in language, transcription and event services. With market-leading divisions in the fields of translation, interpreting, audio and video transcripts, audio responses, audio recordings and event IDs, Ubiqus has served more than 20,000 clients worldwide. With revenues of more than $74 million in 2017 and the integration of more than 16 companies across six offices in the United States and five in Europe over the last 20 years, the Ubiqus Group provides service coverage and versatility to its clients globally.

Ubiqus Spain is the face of this multinational group in Spain. Locally, our company has extensive experience thanks to the teams of Celer Soluciones and Traducciones Políglota, two translation companies that have been making translation the indispensable instrument of understanding between people, companies and organisations for over 30 years. Our work is based on meticulous customer care, rigorous quality control and good practice in managing people and resources.

We are a modern and dynamic team, constantly developing and growing and passionate about languages and multilingual communication. Our work structure reflects the seriousness, reliability and vast experience of our staff, made up of highly qualified professionals and experts, allowing us to respond to the increasingly tough demands of our extensive client portfolio.

Ubiqus Spain team

We believe in what we do and undertake our work knowing our services ensure the highest quality standards at a competitive price. Our greatest asset is our partners. We are aware of the importance of teamwork to deliver service excellence in the tightest delivery times. So we spend a great deal of effort in the meticulous selection and ongoing training of our staff and partner network, providing personal and professional motivation, along with the most advanced technological resources.

Customer care department

Our customer care department is here to listen to you and offer you the most interesting proposals. Comprising experts from the translation world, we will adapt to your needs by providing you with the maximum added value you need.

Operations department

Comprising highly qualified account managers, translators and proofreaders, our operations department aims to find solutions to your language needs. All our translators, proofreaders and interpreters are natives and specialists in the field they translate, so the final version will always be a true reproduction of the original version. We have the most advanced technological resources and professional experts, allowing us to respond to format requirements, working environment, and the use of specific tools in all the projects we take on.

Administration department

Our administration department ensures our relationship runs smoothly. Our client area allows you to manage your invoices, certificates and other administrative documentation. Of course, we are always available to you by email or phone to answer any queries you may have.

Management team

The management of Ubiqus Spain listens to what our clients want; provides training, security and social benefits to our employees; ensures the proper use of resources; observes good practice in terms of collaboration and competition; and endeavours to deliver the best service to you in the best conditions.


The Ubiqus Group counts on long-standing experience in the world of translation and interpreting. Ubiqus Spain combines the experience of the translation teams of Celer Soluciones and Traducciones Políglota, and thus has a recognised professional background in the world of translation and interpreting, reflecting more than 30 years of high-quality services to a demanding and broad client portfolio.


The Ubiqus Group is currently one of the world’s main language service providers. The Ubiqus Group currently has offices in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada and the United States. Thanks to this international presence, Ubiqus Spain is in a position to deliver services in the language combinations you need, at the highest quality.

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